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This tool sorts and displays impacts by state from the Drought Impact Reporter through 2022. Users can filter impacts by U.S. Drought Monitor status, season, weeks in drought, industry and date range. The Drought Impact Reporter records impacts that have been documented in news media. This may provide insight on what to expect when a state is experiencing a certain level of drought.

If you would like to submit information on how drought is affecting you, please submit a Condition Monitoring Observer Report.

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Start Date Seasons Weeks in Drought Historically observed impacts
2022-08-01summer0Water conservation urged for several towns in Suffolk County, New York
2022-07-29summer0Drought watch for 21 New York counties
2022-06-01summer0Irrigation to help crops survive drought was costly for Suffolk County, New York growers
2021-06-12summer0Water watch in Lowville, New York
2020-09-30fall0High sodium level in water in Poughkeepsie, New York
2020-09-30fall0Smaller apples in Putnam County, New York
2020-09-15fall0Salmon River closed to fly fishing in Oswego County, New York
2020-09-14fall0Drought devastated pumpkin patch in Andover, New York
2020-07-28summer0Drought watch for parts of New York
2020-07-11summer0Corn suffering in Wayne County, New York
2020-07-10summer0Pumpkin growth slowed in Chemung County, New York
2020-06-24summer0Water restrictions for communities in New York's Capital Region
2020-06-23summer0Several New York communities issue water restrictions
2020-06-20summer0Water restrictions in Rotterdam, New York
2018-09-27fall0Hay, pasture, crops affected by drought in northern Upstate New York
2018-08-24summer0Less food for bears in Adirondack Mountains of New York
2018-08-05summer0Conserve Water Order in Milford, New York
2018-07-24summer0New York's North Country residents urged to be cautious with fire
2018-07-17summer0Dryness hurting New York crops
2018-01-01winter0More bear encounters amid reduced food sources in eastern New York
2017-09-28fall0Brown lawns, crop under irrigation in central New York
2017-02-14winter0All of New York in drought watch
2016-10-17fall0Drought, shallow marshes affect duck, goose hunting in New York
2016-09-29fall0Efforts to protect New York's salmon amid drought
2016-09-16fall0New York grapes slightly small, less acidic
2016-09-02fall0New York dairy farmers struggling
2016-08-29summer0Drought affected apple crop in eastern New York
2016-08-22summer0Smaller, sweeter apples in New York
2016-07-15summer0Drought watch, warning for New York
2016-07-04summer0Public fireworks display canceled in Corning, New York
2016-06-29summer0Seeds not germinating well in Finger Lakes area, New York
2016-06-18summer0Crop planting delayed for lack of moisture in Monroe County, New York
2016-06-01summer0Lawns, gardens need watering in Buffalo, New York
2016-06-01summer0High quality wines from Finger Lakes region of New York
2016-05-27spring0Decreased outflow from Hinckley Reservoir in New York to stabilize water level
2016-05-01spring0Survey revealed New York farmers' significant crop losses in 2016
2015-09-07fall0Outdoor water use banned in Mechanicville, New York
2015-08-04summer0Drought alert in Beacon, New York
2015-05-13spring0New York burn ban extended due to dry conditions
2013-11-15fall0Livestock producer near Philipstown, New York began feeding hay to his cattle earlier than usual
2012-10-24fall0Eight counties in western New York declared to be natural disaster areas by the U.S. Department of Agriculture
2012-07-13summer0Dry conditions prevented completion of controlled burns in Hudson Valley, New York
2012-07-12summer0Golf course superintendents in central New York must prioritize watering needs
2012-07-01summer0Bears raiding vehicles, homes for food in the Catskill Mountains in New York
2012-04-18spring0Less water released from the Great Sacandaga Lake in central New York
2012-04-17spring0Water panels installed to collect more water for New York canal system
2012-04-17spring0Less water released fron Hinckley Reservoir in New York
2010-07-17summer0Garden City Bird Sanctuary seeks donations to help with water bill
2010-07-04summer0Water conservation advisory for Woodstock