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This tool sorts and displays impacts by state from the Drought Impact Reporter through 2021. Users can filter impacts by U.S. Drought Monitor status, season, weeks in drought, industry and date range. The Drought Impact Reporter records impacts that have been documented in news media. This may provide insight on what to expect when a state is experiencing a certain level of drought.

If you would like to submit information on how drought is affecting you, please submit a Condition Monitoring Observer Report.

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Start Date Seasons Weeks in Drought Historically observed impacts
2021-01-01winter0Increased fire activity in Alabama
2020-05-14spring0Fire danger advisory in south Alabama
2019-12-09winter0Drought watch ended for Auburn, Alabama
2019-10-05fall0Special free permits for hauling hay in Alabama
2019-10-03fall0Cotton, peanuts, forage affected by drought in Wiregrass region of Alabama
2019-10-01fall0Restrictions on campfires in Alabama's national forests
2019-09-30fall0Produce prices higher in Alabama's Tennessee Valley
2019-09-26fall0Alabama Power managing lakes carefully
2019-09-25fall0Many Alabama cattle producers feeding hay early
2019-09-25fall0Electric bills for irrigation high in southeast Alabama
2019-09-25fall0Alabama fire alert
2019-09-24fall0Peanut crop damaged, partially lost in southeast Alabama
2019-09-18fall0Increase in wildfire activity in Alabama
2019-09-16fall0Fire danger advisory in all Alabama counties
2019-09-14fall0Drought increasing fire activity in Alabama
2019-09-06fall0Crops losses in the thousands of dollars in northeast Alabama
2019-09-01fall0High fire activity in Alabama during September
2019-08-13summer0Drought, heat hurting Alabama's unirrigated corn
2019-06-05summer0Less produce available at Alabama Farmer's Market in Birmingham
2019-06-01summer0Drought slowed Christmas tree growth in northern Alabama
2019-05-31spring0Short corn in Limestone County, Alabama
2019-05-30spring0Corn pollination affected by drought, heat in Baldwin County, Alabama
2019-05-19spring0Corn wilting in southeast Alabama
2019-03-24spring0Fire danger warning in Alabama
2019-03-15spring0Grass growth slowed, water supplies down in southeast Alabama
2017-05-02spring0Lack of rain delayed planting of spring crops in Alabama
2017-02-27winter0Alabama seeing more Southern pine beetle outbreaks
2017-02-17winter0Funds for Alabama's Volunteer Fire Departments
2017-02-13winter0Drought-affected trees dying in Alabama
2017-01-27winter0Hay, forage in short supply in Alabama
2016-10-12fall0Gov. signed no burn order for all Alabama counties
2016-10-03fall0No campfires, fireworks permitted in Alabama's national forests
2016-10-01fall0Excessive fire activity in Alabama
2016-10-01fall0Alabama Forestry Commission working hard to keep up with multitude of wildfires
2016-10-01fall0Alabama Forestry Commission in need of more funds for fighting fires
2016-09-15fall0Less water released from Alabama Power reservoirs
2016-07-21summer0Drought warning, watch and advisory in Alabama
2015-10-16fall0700 acre wildfire in Winston County, Alabama
2014-08-29summer0Cotton and peanut yields slipping in southeastern Alabama
2012-09-13fall0Water lines break in Randolph, Alabama
2011-12-01winter0Peanut store in Birmingham, Alabama upped the price of a bag of peanuts
2010-11-22fall0Alabama Power retaining more water in its lakes
2010-11-02fall0Campfires prohibited outside of desginated areas in national forests in Alabama
2010-10-05fall0Campfires prohibited in the Sipsey Wilderness Area
2010-09-09fall0DeKalb County reports over 40 wildfires since Sept. 9, 2010
2010-08-02summer0Soybeans, cotton in Cherokee and Etowah counties badly damaged
2010-08-02summer0Cotton in Cherokee County hampered by drought, heat
2010-07-15summer0Dry pastures in Lee County spur livestock producers to provide hay for animals
2010-04-15spring0Tennessee Valley Authority switched to conservation flows at Wheeler Dam
2010-04-15spring0Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant prepared for low river flow
2010-04-15spring0Rising fire danger prompted warning against outdoor burning in Lauderdale County
2007-01-01winter0Sod farmer sued for water use, hurt by water restrictions
2007-01-01winter0Fire impact from Media submitted on 9/14/2007
2007-01-01winter0Plants & Wildlife impact from Media submitted on 10/30/2007
2007-01-01winter0Agriculture impact from Media submitted on 11/20/2007
2007-01-01winter0Agriculture impact from Media submitted on 1/11/2008
2007-01-01winter0Agriculture impact from Media submitted on 1/23/2008
2007-01-01winter0Relief, Response & Restrictions impact from Media submitted on 2/5/2008
2007-01-01winter0Agriculture impact from Media submitted on 11/12/2008
2006-12-15winter0Agriculture impact from Media submitted on 12/15/2006