Map Types

Map Layouts

No Text

This map shows only the selected area and no text. The map is square.

Date Only

This map is similar to the No Text map but includes the map date in the upper right-hand corner.

Legend Text Only

This map includes a legend, map dates and other map information. The map is 8.5” by 11”, with landscape orientation .

Cumulative or Categorical Statistics

The map is similar to the Legend Text Only map, but includes a statistics table for the mapped area. You can choose whether you’d like  cumulative or categorical statistics. To see the difference, visit the Statistics Type page.

Map with Impacts

This map is the version that appears on the website home page. It is only available for the Total U.S. and displays short- and long-term designations, S or L, in addition to drought areas.

Map Formats

All maps are available in PNG, PDF formats. The Map with Impacts is also available as a TIF or an AI. If you would like a map in a different format, please use the Custom Map Request form.