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This tool sorts and displays impacts by state from the Drought Impact Reporter through 2021. Users can filter impacts by U.S. Drought Monitor status, season, weeks in drought, industry and date range. The Drought Impact Reporter records impacts that have been documented in news media. This may provide insight on what to expect when a state is experiencing a certain level of drought.

If you would like to submit information on how drought is affecting you, please submit a Condition Monitoring Observer Report.

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Start Date Seasons Weeks in Drought Historically observed impacts
2021-03-22spring0Notices sent to California water users
2021-02-23winter0Allocations updated for California's Central Valley Project
2020-12-01winter0Updated water allocation of 5% for California's State Water Project
2020-08-18summer0Hundreds of wildfires burning in California
2020-02-28winter0Rare February brush fire south of San Francisco, California
2020-02-27winter0Supplemental feed needed for cattle in Northern California
2020-02-25winter0Early water allocations for California's Central Valley Project
2020-02-21winter0Water delivery dates extended for customers of Turlock Irrigation District in California
2020-02-17winter0Limited grass growth in Napa County, California
2020-02-15winter0Poor grass growth, underweight cattle in San Benito County, California
2020-02-14winter0Growers inquiring about start of irrigation in Stanislaus County, California
2020-02-09winter0More escaped debris fires in northern California
2020-01-01winter0Extreme fire behavior in California
2019-12-30winter0State Water Project allocation estimate of 20 percent for California water agencies
2019-12-01winter0Drought cutting into tule elk populations in Point Reyes National Seashore in California
2019-06-03summer0Outdoor burn permits suspended in Riverside, San Bernardino counties in California
2018-11-09fall0California's Pacific Gas & Electric striving to keep trees, vegetation away from power lines
2018-11-08fall0Camp Fire in Butte County, California, deadliest in state's history
2018-09-24fall0Drought-killed trees hazardous for California firefighters
2018-09-09fall0Recreational target shooting prohibited in Eldorado National Forest in California
2018-09-06fall0Tree mortality constituting continued local emergency in Placer County, California
2018-07-13summer0Large wildfire consuming drought-stricken trees near Yosemite National Park in California
2018-07-01summer0One-fourth of California's annual fire budget up in smoke
2018-06-25summer0Burn permits suspended for 14 California counties
2018-06-18summer0Burn permits suspended in Madera, Mariposa and Merced counties in California
2018-06-18summer0Burn permits suspended in Sonoma County, California
2018-06-06summer0Burn permits suspended in Siskiyou County, California
2018-02-22winter0Water supply allocation estimate for California's Central Valley Project
2018-02-19winter0Yountville, California warned about low water supply
2018-02-13winter0Poor snowfall leaves ski resorts closed in California
2018-02-13winter0Snowpack too thin for snowmobiling at Bridgeport Winter Recreation Area in California
2018-02-12winter0California water board considering permanent water regulations
2018-01-30winter0California's State Water Project estimate at 20 percent of allocation
2018-01-15winter0Fewer days of tule fog in California's San Joaquin Valley
2017-12-15winter0Irrigation needed in the Sacramento, San Joaquin valleys in California
2017-12-13winter0Drought affected water content of rocks in California's Sierra Nevada, height of mountains
2017-08-22summer0Drought-affected trees being removed along California highways
2017-06-01summer0Land subsiding rapidly in Tulare Basin of California
2017-05-19spring0California growers and researchers developing drought defenses
2017-05-09spring0Activists protest Nestlé’s use of springs in southern California
2017-04-17spring0Water supplies still lacking in parts of California
2017-02-28winter0Full water allocations for Central Valley Project customers in California
2017-02-14winter0California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection preparing public for fire season with millions of dead trees in the forests
2017-02-08winter0California water board extends water conservation rules until spring
2017-01-18winter0California water authority considering continuation of emergency drought mandates
2017-01-10winter0Heavy rains, strong winds knocking down California's trees
2016-12-05winter0President Obama signed bill providing California drought relief
2016-12-01winter0New water conservation plan in California
2016-09-17fall0California lakes, waterways tainted by toxic algae
2016-09-15fall0Californians still conserving
2016-09-05fall0California Chinook salmon surviving years of drought, thanks to interventions
2016-08-31summer0New California law on excessive water use amid drought
2016-08-29summer0California farmers use drones to monitor crops, water
2016-08-22summer0California’s state fire department slightly understaffed
2016-08-19summer0Homeowner drought-relief bill passed California Senate
2016-08-16summer0About 85 percent of California's urban water districts certify that they have a 3-year supply of water
2016-07-01summer0California's firefighting costs
2013-05-02spring0Cal Fire officials to begin hiring and training firemen in northern California a month ahead of schedule
2013-04-29spring0Stage 3 water shortage in Mendocino, California
2013-04-19spring0Cal Fire began deploying fire crews ahead of schedule in SoCal
2013-04-01spring0Stanford University in California has not diverted water from San Francisquito Creek in more than a year
2013-03-22spring0California State Water Project water allocations reduced from an estimated 40 percent to 35 percent
2013-03-01spring0California ranchers have to feed, water cattle
2013-01-01winter0Thousands of Chinook salmon eggs and newly hatched salmon died in the Sacramento River in California this year
2013-01-01winter0Wells going dry in San Diego County, California
2013-01-01winter0The California State Water Project dropped its water allocations by 35 percent, due to below normal precipitation
2013-01-01winter0More fires in the San Mateo-Santa Cruz Cal Fire unit in 2013 than in previous year
2013-01-01winter0Christmas trees in California growing slower amid drought
2012-06-01summer0Reduction in water main flushing in Calistoga, California
2012-02-20winter0Farmers on the east side of the San Joaquin Valley in California were bracing for a difficult summer
2012-01-29winter0Sales and rentals were far below normal at a ski shop in Big Bear Lake, California
2012-01-26winter0Farmer near Hemet, California replanted his wheat crop for lack of rain
2012-01-20winter0Fire danger rising in Kern County, California
2012-01-18winter0Ranchers in California's San Joaquin Valley sought alternate pastures, bought pricey hay
2012-01-01winter0Irrigation deliveries began months early due to lack of rainfall in the San Joaquin Valley, California
2012-01-01winter0Dry conditions in California cutting the carrying capacity of pastures and rangeland, prompting producers to thin their herds
2012-01-01winter0Number of mosquitoes carrying West Nile virus at an all-time high in California
2012-01-01winter0Large water withdrawals in the Westlands Water District of Southern California
2012-01-01winter0California farmers pumping more water for crop irrigation amid a fourth year of drought
2012-01-01winter0Twice the amount of idled farmland in California's Central Valley
2012-01-01winter0Big Bear Lake in San Bernardino County, California low after years of drought
2012-01-01winter0Spate of well-drilling in San Joaquin Valley, California
2012-01-01winter0Drought reduced California's hydropower production
2012-01-01winter0Californians’ electric bills rose $2.45 billion from 2012 to 2016
2012-01-01winter0Dominant species, carnivores struggled in California drought
2011-11-21fall0Firefighting resources in Riverside and San Bernardino counties in California being kept at summer levels
2011-02-09winter0Push for stricter regulation of California's protection of aquifers
2011-01-01winter0California hydropower down 60 percent
2010-06-23summer0State Department of Water Resources intends to deliver 50 percent of requested water
2010-05-20spring0California Department of Water Resources increases water deliveries
2010-05-04spring0California State Board of Food and Agriculture sought to alleviate Central Valley food crisis
2010-05-04spring0Water allocations rise for California Department of Water Resources customers
2010-05-04spring0Federal Bureau of Reclamation raises water allocation for those south of the San Joaquin Delta
2010-03-19spring0California red-legged frog threatened by drought
2010-03-19spring0A Regional Economic Impact National Emergency Grant worth $8.2 million for the San Joaquin Valley
2010-03-16spring0Additional water for Central Valley farmers
2010-03-04spring0USDA offered $10 million in aid to farmers in San Joaquin Valley
2010-03-02spring0The uncertainty in the water allocations for west side farmers makes planning difficult
2010-02-26winter0Water allocations rise for water customers south of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta
2010-02-26winter0Metropolitan Water District reminds Southern Californians to conserve
2010-02-25winter0Food distribution in Selma
2010-02-15winter0Tehama-Colusa Canal Authority sues Bureau of Reclamation
2010-02-05winter0Los Angeles County water customers urged to turn off lawn irrigation systems temporarily
2010-02-05winter0Additional pumping in Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta to benefit west side farmers
2010-02-03winter0Four communities in Ventura County struggling to meet conservation request
2010-01-29winter0Irrigation water purifier business in Bakersfield benefits from water shortage
2010-01-27winter0California State Board of Food and Agriculture met with officials in Sacramento to prepare for another dry year
2010-01-05winter0Californians urged to conserve water in 2010
2010-01-01winter0Many millions of dead trees in California's Sierra Nevada
2010-01-01winter0California's Bay Area residents taking to native plants, drought-tolerant landscaping
2010-01-01winter0Millions of trees continued to die in California's Sierra Nevada after end of drought
2009-04-14spring0Water rate hike for Padre Dam Municipal Water District
2009-04-08spring0More people in Ramona and Poway looking into drilling wells
2009-04-01spring0Bill sets aside $26 million for Riverside-Corona Feeder
2009-04-01spring0High demand for rebates through the SoCal Water$mart program
2009-04-01spring0Water use in San Diego County down more than expected
2009-03-20spring0Vallecitos Water District urges customers to lower water use by 10 %
2009-03-19spring0Mayor of Rancho Santa Margarita contact governor of California, president about city's water supply
2009-03-18spring0Informational meeting to prepare for possible water rationing
2008-05-13spring0Drought surcharges net $6 million for East Bay Municipal Utility District
2008-04-15spring0Suppplemental feeding of livestock begins early
2008-01-01winter0Drought, economic recession affect California's garden industry
2007-01-01winter0Drought kills mule deer on Santa Catalina Island
2007-01-01winter0California Aqueduct sinks due to increased groundwater pumping
2006-12-19winter0San Luis National Wildlife Refuge receives water to keep marshes moist
2006-01-01winter0Fire impact from Media submitted on 12/6/2006