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This tool sorts and displays impacts by state from the Drought Impact Reporter through 2021. Users can filter impacts by U.S. Drought Monitor status, season, weeks in drought, industry and date range. The Drought Impact Reporter records impacts that have been documented in news media. This may provide insight on what to expect when a state is experiencing a certain level of drought.

If you would like to submit information on how drought is affecting you, please submit a Condition Monitoring Observer Report.

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Start Date Seasons Weeks in Drought Historically observed impacts
2021-05-31spring0Burn ban for Polk County, Florida
2021-05-27spring0Water conservation urged in Manatee County, Florida
2021-05-27spring0Residents reminded to follow reclaimed water restrictions in Pinellas County, Florida
2021-05-27spring0Reclaimed water pressure lowered during day in St. Petersburg, Florida
2021-05-27spring0Campfires prohibited on Southwest Florida Water Management District land
2021-05-26spring0Outdoor burning discouraged in Collier, Lee counties in Florida
2021-05-26spring0Outdoor burn ban, extraordinary fire hazard in North Port, Florida
2021-05-26spring0State of emergency in Sarasota County, Florida
2021-05-25spring0Outdoor water use discouraged in Stuart, Florida
2021-04-10spring0Caution urged with fire in Florida
2020-05-12spring0Phase I Water Shortage in Tampa, Florida
2020-05-11spring0Burn restrictions in Florida Panhandle
2020-04-28spring0Phase I Water Shortage in southwest Florida
2020-03-30spring0Emergency Operations Center activated due to fire danger around Palm Coast, Florida
2020-03-28spring0Open burning banned in Brevard County, Florida
2020-03-28spring0Burn ban in Osceola County, Florida
2020-03-27spring0Burning advisory for Chipola Forestry Center in Florida
2020-03-26spring0Pastures, forage production affected by dryness in Florida
2020-03-26spring0Dry well in Fort Myers Shores, Florida
2020-03-24spring0Temporary burn ban in Manatee County, Florida
2020-01-01winter0Fire activity high in Myakka River District in Florida
2019-10-02fall0Precautionary burn notices issued in Florida
2019-09-30fall0Public warned of elevated fire danger in Florida
2019-09-23fall0Peanuts, cotton affected by hot, dry weather in northwest Florida
2019-09-20fall0Caution with fire urged in Bay County, Florida
2019-06-03summer0Water conservation, reduced water pressure in Jacksonville, Florida
2019-06-03summer0Water conservation urged in St. Johns County, Florida
2019-05-30spring0Burn permits not being issued for Gulf County, Florida
2019-05-30spring0Florida Forest Service not issuing outdoor burn permits for some counties
2019-05-30spring070 wildfires burning in north central Florida
2019-05-30spring0Caution urged with outdoor burning in Alachua County, Florida
2019-05-28spring0Countywide burn bans in Bradford, Union counties in Florida
2019-05-26spring0Caution needed with fire around Jacksonville, Florida
2019-05-21spring0Dry conditions a threat to planting activities in northern Florida
2018-04-04spring0Recreational burn ban in Sarasota County, Florida
2018-03-28spring0Drought helping recovery of ecosystem in Florida
2018-03-22spring0Floridians warned of statewide fire risk
2018-03-09spring0Burn ban in Brevard County, Florida
2018-03-08spring0Burn ban in unincorporated Osceola County, Florida
2017-04-25spring0Numerous Florida counties with fire restrictions
2017-04-11spring0State of emergency due to wildfires in Florida
2017-03-15spring0Water shortage warning in parts of northeast and central Florida
2017-02-28winter0Phase I Water Shortage in three Florida counties
2017-02-28winter0Boaters warned about low water levels in Marion County, Florida
2017-02-09winter0Water conservation urged in South Florida
2017-01-06winter0Water conservation strongly urged in Cape Coral, Florida
2017-01-01winter0Drought leading to more wildfires in South Florida
2017-01-01winter0High fire activity in Manatee County, Florida
2017-01-01winter0Fleas more problematic than usual around Orlando, Florida
2017-01-01winter0Unusually high fire activity in Caloosahatchee field unit of Florida
2017-01-01winter0Multitude of wildfires burning in Florida
2016-11-03fall0Fire danger climbing in Florida
2015-11-12fall0Dead seagrass, burgeoning algae blooms in Florida Bay
2015-07-16summer0Request to install emergency water pumps in Florida's Lake Okeechobee
2015-04-01spring0More brush fires in South Florida
2013-12-16winter0Outdoor burning was prohibited in Seminole County, Florida
2013-11-18fall0Dry conditions in Florida prompt St. Lucie County firefighters to respond more aggressively to brush fires
2013-05-11spring0Lakes in Volusia County in Florida very low due to below normal precipitation in six of the last seven years
2013-02-13winter0Tighter water restrictions for Hillsborough, Pinellas and Pasco counties in Florida
2013-01-24winter0Voluntary burn ban in Polk County, Florida
2012-06-23summer0Drought causing alligators to relocate in Collier County, Florida
2012-01-16winter0Water shortage warning for South Florida
2012-01-01winter0Active fire season in northeastern Florida
2011-12-03winter0Wildlife in Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park in northern Florida was moving to different areas to accommodate lower water levels
2011-10-15fall0Water releases from Lake Okeechobee to Caloosahatchee River in South Florida curtailed
2011-06-09summer0Campfires prohibited in the Suwannee River Water Management District in northern Florida
2011-01-01winter0Twenty-seven Florida counties received federal disaster declaration
2010-12-01winter0Drought increased number of wildfires in Southern Florida
2010-12-01winter0Twice the number of wildfires in Everglades during dry season
2010-11-17fall0Conservation requested from customers of Southwest Florida Water Management District
2010-11-05fall0More than 30 Florida counties declared disaster areas
2010-10-22fall0No burn permits being issued in five Florida counties
2010-10-01fall0Four South Florida counties declared to be disaster areas
2010-10-01fall0Businesses in several Florida counties eligible for assistance through the Small Business Administration
2009-12-03winter0Holiday boat parade in Winter Haven cancelled due to low water level
2009-12-01winter0Southwest Florida Water Management District customers urged to forego lawn watering for a week
2009-06-16summer0Brush fire near Florida Panther Wildlife Refuge
2009-03-05spring0Southern Florida urged to conserve water
2009-02-24winter0Extreme water shortage restriction for Southwestern Florida
2009-02-18winter0Three brush fires in Charlotte and Hendry counties
2009-02-18winter0Winds and dry conditions contribute to two wildfires
2009-02-16winter0Low water level of Peace River makes navigation difficult
2008-12-30winter0Burn ban in Alachua County
2008-12-17winter0Slow crop growth and stress in Union County
2008-12-17winter0Small grains and pasture forage hurt by dry conditions
2008-12-09winter0Water conservation urged during holiday meal preparation
2008-11-15fall079 citations for water violations in Pasco County
2008-11-03fall0Ban on resodding in Hillsborough, Pinellas, and Polk counties
2008-05-21spring0Fire, Water Supply & Quality impact from Media submitted on 5/21/2008
2008-05-21spring0Fire impact from Media submitted on 5/22/2008
2008-05-20spring0Society & Public Health impact from Media submitted on 5/20/2008
2008-05-06spring0Fire, Society & Public Health impact from Media submitted on 5/7/2008
2008-01-01winter0Fewer wading birds nesting in FLorida
2007-11-09fall0Water Supply & Quality impact from Media submitted on 11/12/2007
2007-11-07fall0Water Supply & Quality impact from Media submitted on 11/7/2007
2007-10-28fall0Water Supply & Quality impact from Media submitted on 2/29/2008
2007-10-01fall0Water Supply & Quality, Society & Public Health impact from Media submitted on 11/29/2007
2007-06-06summer0Relief, Response & Restrictions impact from Media submitted on 6/6/2007
2007-06-06summer0Society & Public Health impact from Media submitted on 6/6/2007
2006-05-06spring0Society & Public Health impact from Media submitted on 5/8/2006