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This tool sorts and displays impacts by state from the Drought Impact Reporter through 2021. Users can filter impacts by U.S. Drought Monitor status, season, weeks in drought, industry and date range. The Drought Impact Reporter records impacts that have been documented in news media. This may provide insight on what to expect when a state is experiencing a certain level of drought.

If you would like to submit information on how drought is affecting you, please submit a Condition Monitoring Observer Report.

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Start Date Seasons Weeks in Drought Historically observed impacts
2021-05-10spring0Massachusetts drought status
2021-04-30spring0Mandatory water restrictions for Cape Cod towns in Massachusetts
2021-04-26spring0Mandatory water ban for Falmouth, Massachusetts
2021-04-21spring0Water restrictions for Mansfield, Massachusetts
2021-04-14spring0Water restrictions in Northampton, Massachusetts
2021-04-09spring0Mild, significant drought in Massachusetts
2021-04-06spring0Voluntary water restrictions in Ipswich, Massachusetts
2021-03-12spring0Mild drought declaration for Berkshire County, Massachusetts
2020-11-09fall0Drought status in Massachusetts
2020-06-26summer0Drought declaration for Massachusetts
2020-06-22summer0Tier 2 water restrictions in Norwell, Massachusetts
2020-06-22summer0Water restrictions in Andover, North Reading, Massachusetts
2020-06-22summer0Water restrictions in Burlington, Massachusetts
2020-06-18summer0Water conservation needed in several northeast Massachusetts communities
2020-06-10summer0Small strawberries in Southwick, Massachusetts
2020-06-10summer0Water restrictions in several Massachusetts communities
2020-06-02summer0Mandatory water restrictions in Ipswich, Massachusetts
2019-10-15fall0Drought concerns for parts of Massachusetts
2018-07-16summer0Tighter water restrictions near Attleboro, Massachusetts
2018-06-25summer0Mandatory water restrictions in Salisbury, Massachusetts
2017-05-01spring0Water restrictions in Milford, Massachusetts ease to Stage III
2017-05-01spring0Water restrictions for Northampton, Massachusetts
2017-04-17spring0Drought advisory for most of Massachusetts
2016-10-21fall0Some Massachusetts trees shedding leaves early, less vibrant
2016-10-19fall0Eversource reminded its Massachusetts customers to check health of trees
2016-09-08fall0Massachusetts Drought Management Task Force met
2016-09-07fall0Drought emergency loan fund for Massachusetts farmers
2016-09-07fall0Drought hurt survival rate of young fish in Massachusetts
2016-09-05fall0Drought-afflicted eastern Massachusetts trees unable to grow new leaves
2016-08-24summer0Massachusetts' cranberry harvest squeezed by drought
2016-07-24summer0Massachusetts fire officials discourage outdoor burning
2016-07-14summer0More than 120 towns in Massachusetts with mandatory water restrictions
2016-07-12summer0Drought watch, advisory for most of Massachusetts
2016-05-30spring0Summer water restrictions extended as drought persists in Massachusetts
2016-04-12spring0Numerous brush fires in western Massachusetts
2016-01-01winter0Massachusetts lost nearly $14 million in crop damage
2015-09-21fall0Water restrictions in Attleboro, Massachusetts
2014-09-05fall0Ban on outdoor watering in Ipswich, Massachusetts
2014-08-29summer0Level 5 drought conditions in Danvers, Massachusetts
2013-05-01spring0Many farmers in western Massachusetts have delayed transplanting or needed to irrigate
2012-07-18summer0Water restrictions in several Massachusetts communities, due to low water levels
2010-10-15fall0Connecticut River in Massachusetts in a drought advisory
2010-09-02fall0Water restrictions in Burlington
2010-08-31summer0Corn, melon yield down in Littleton
2010-08-31summer0Drought hindering inland fly fishing in western Massachusetts
2010-08-24summer0Water restrictions for Ashburnham
2010-08-21summer0Low Concord River causing navigational problems in Concord
2010-08-21summer0Water level affecting swim area at Cochituate State Park
2010-08-19summer0Stage IV Total Mandatory Water Conservation Alert in Milford
2010-08-18summer0Drought watch for North Andover
2010-08-18summer0Trees and bushes turning color in Beverly
2010-08-17summer0Water restrictions for Tri-Town Water customers
2010-08-13summer0Drought advisory in northeast and central portions of Massachusetts
2010-08-06summer0Salem landscaping business laid off workers
2010-08-06summer0Greater incidence of brush fires near Methuen
2010-08-06summer0North Andover farmer worried that he may have to irrigate with municipal water
2010-08-04summer0Voluntary water restrictions in Newburyport
2010-08-03summer0Phase 3 water restrictions in Braintree, Holbrook and Randolph
2010-07-27summer0Gloucester public woods, Norton Memorial Forest closed due to fire risk
2010-07-21summer0Mandatory water restrictions in Rockport
2010-07-21summer0Voluntary water restrictions in Manchester
2010-06-01summer0Water restrictions in Northampton while Mill River is low
2007-09-02fall0Fire impact from Media submitted on 9/6/2007
2006-03-28spring0Fire impact from Government submitted on 4/13/2006