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This tool sorts and displays impacts by state from the Drought Impact Reporter through 2022. Users can filter impacts by U.S. Drought Monitor status, season, weeks in drought, industry and date range. The Drought Impact Reporter records impacts that have been documented in news media. This may provide insight on what to expect when a state is experiencing a certain level of drought.

If you would like to submit information on how drought is affecting you, please submit a Condition Monitoring Observer Report.

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Start Date Seasons Weeks in Drought Historically observed impacts
2022-06-27summer0Drought harming corn in North Carolina
2021-11-29fall0Burn ban in North Carolina
2021-10-20fall0Cloudy tap water in Concord, North Carolina
2021-10-14fall0Lake Fisher near Kannapolis, North Carolina closed to recreational activities
2021-05-25spring0Incident management team mobilized in southeast North Carolina
2021-05-24spring0Ban on open burning, canceled burn permits in 26 North Carolina counties
2020-01-31winter0Coastal North Carolina urged to prepare for dryness
2019-09-30fall0Soil too dry to plant winter wheat, soybeans poor in North Carolina
2019-09-23fall0Pastures dry, producers feeding hay in Iredell County, North Carolina
2019-09-18fall0Christmas tree seedlings affected by drought in Haywood County, North Carolina
2019-09-17fall0Corn maze not open in Huntersville, North Carolina
2019-07-20summer0North Carolina farmers hoping for support
2019-07-02summer0Caution urged with fireworks in North Carolina
2019-06-27summer0Caution urged with fireworks in dry parts of North Carolina
2019-06-01summer0Many seedlings perished at Christmas tree farm in Wake County, North Carolina
2019-05-30spring0Beaches fires banned on Outer Banks, North Carolina
2019-05-30spring0Burn ban for 18 counties in southeastern North Carolina
2019-05-30spring0North Carolina Forest Service recommended extreme caution with fire, postpone burning
2019-05-29spring0Crops, planting affected by drought in Wilson County, North Carolina
2019-05-26spring0Water conservation requested in Pender County, North Carolina
2019-05-24spring0North Carolina public cautioned to be careful with fire outdoors
2019-05-23spring0Farmers concerned about reservoir levels near Wilmington, North Carolina
2018-07-17summer0Soybeans damaged in Johnston County, North Carolina
2016-11-01fall0Voluntary water conservation requested in Charlotte, North Carolina
2016-11-01fall0North Carolinians within the Catawba River Basin to conserve
2016-08-31summer0Drought in western North Carolina affected hay growth, stream flow, leave drop
2016-04-21spring0Restriction on open burning in Brunswick County, North Carolina
2015-02-17winter0Western North Carolina counties abnormally dry, water managers to monitor supplies
2013-11-29fall0A wood duck hunter in New Hanover County, North Carolina fills pond despite drought
2012-07-01summer0Big demand for grain from South America led to record feed grain imports through the port of Wilmington, North Carolina
2012-06-01summer0Water conservation encouraged in Nash, Edgecombe counties in North Carolina
2012-03-14spring0A fire near Fairview, North Carolina scorched roughly 12 acres
2012-03-06spring0Moderate drought advisory for Chatham, Durham and Wake counties in North Carolina
2011-07-17summer0Residents of Durham, North Carolina encouraged to conserve water
2010-10-10fall0Stage 1 drought for the Catawba-Wateree River Basin
2010-07-09summer0Corn in Forsyth and Stokes counties affected by drought
2010-05-01spring0Water conservation and recession led to shortfall in Raleigh water sales
2009-08-01summer0No need to spray for mosquitoes in Sandy Creek
2009-05-09spring0Shower head exchange in Wilmington
2008-11-29fall0Water restrictions in Catawba-Wateree Basin
2008-11-23fall0Voluntary water conservation in Rocky Mount
2008-11-17fall0Voluntary water restrictions in Greensboro, Burlington, and Thomasville, NC
2007-01-01winter0Fire impact from Media submitted on 5/23/2007
2007-01-01winter0Fire impact from Media submitted on 9/12/2007
2007-01-01winter0Agriculture impact from Media submitted on 10/2/2007
2007-01-01winter0Fire impact from Media submitted on 10/31/2007
2007-01-01winter0Fire impact from Media submitted on 11/27/2007
2007-01-01winter0Agriculture impact from Media submitted on 12/4/2007
2007-01-01winter0Relief, Response & Restrictions impact from Media submitted on 1/8/2008
2007-01-01winter0Fire impact from Media submitted on 12/14/2007
2007-01-01winter0Relief, Response & Restrictions impact from Media submitted on 1/9/2008
2007-01-01winter0Relief, Response & Restrictions impact from Media submitted on 1/14/2008
2007-01-01winter0Agriculture impact from Media submitted on 1/28/2008
2007-01-01winter0Water Supply & Quality impact from Media submitted on 7/30/2008