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This tool sorts and displays impacts by state from the Drought Impact Reporter through 2021. Users can filter impacts by U.S. Drought Monitor status, season, weeks in drought, industry and date range. The Drought Impact Reporter records impacts that have been documented in news media. This may provide insight on what to expect when a state is experiencing a certain level of drought.

If you would like to submit information on how drought is affecting you, please submit a Condition Monitoring Observer Report.

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Start Date Seasons Weeks in Drought Historically observed impacts
2021-11-23fall0Winter wheat pasture growth slow, cattle receiving hay in Rolling Plains of Texas
2021-11-23fall0Some very poor pasture, rangeland; cattle being fed in North Texas
2021-11-16fall0East Texas winter pastures need rain, cattle receiving supplemental feed
2021-11-16fall0Some winter wheat needs moisture to emerge in the South Plains of Texas
2021-11-16fall0Some Texas Panhandle wheat being irrigated for early grazing
2021-11-16fall0Dryland wheat in Southwest Texas needs rain, not emerging well
2021-11-16fall0South Texas pasture, rangeland deteriorating; livestock, wildlife getting supplemental feed
2021-10-26fall0Spotty winter wheat emergence in Texas' Rolling Plains
2021-10-26fall0Drought stress evident in East Texas, wheat pastures struggling, ponds drying up
2021-10-26fall0Cool season forages need rain in Southeast Texas
2021-10-26fall0Pasture, rangeland deteriorating in South Texas
2021-10-25fall0Low level of Amistad Reservoir led to water restrictions in Laredo, Texas
2021-10-19fall0Rangelands in Far West Texas in need of rain
2021-10-19fall0Herds, wildlife receiving supplemental feed in South Texas
2021-09-08fall0Farmers starting to dust in wheat in Rolling Plains of Texas
2021-09-08fall0Rain needed to finish summer crop in the Texas Panhandle
2021-09-08fall0Some poor harvests in North Texas
2021-08-24summer0Some supplemental feeding in the Texas Panhandle
2021-08-24summer0Livestock, wildlife receiving feed in West Central Texas
2021-06-08summer0Livestock still receiving supplemental feed in Far West Texas
2021-05-25spring0Crops in poor condition in Texas Panhandle
2021-05-25spring0Some dryland cotton not germinating in Far West Texas
2021-05-25spring0Soil moisture low in parts of South Texas despite inches of rain
2021-05-18spring0Farmers pre-watering fields in South Plains of Texas
2021-05-18spring0Cattle culled in South Texas
2021-05-04spring0Pastures stalled in dry parts of Southeast Texas
2021-04-15spring0Drought hampering West Texas cotton
2021-04-13spring0Slow-growing forages in West Central Texas
2021-04-06spring0Winter wheat irrigated, green-up slow in Texas Panhandle
2021-03-30spring0Texas farmers were pre-watering, hoping for rain
2021-03-20spring0Texas ranchers importing hay from Montana
2021-03-19spring0Hay supplies were tightening across Texas
2021-03-15spring0Stage 1 drought watch for Lake Somerville, Texas
2021-03-02spring0Supplemental feed for livestock in South Plains, Texas
2021-03-01spring0Drought damaging to wheat in Texas Panhandle
2021-02-17winter0Winter wheat conditions in Central Texas varied with soil moisture
2021-02-03winter0Limited wheat growth left Texas Panhandle livestock producers in need of forage for livestock
2021-02-03winter0Exceptional drought, wildfire threat led to disaster declarations in Texas
2021-02-02winter0Slow pasture growth in Texas' Coastal Bend
2021-02-02winter0Little forage available in West Central Texas
2021-02-02winter0Supplemental feeding of livestock, wildlife continued in Southwest Texas
2021-01-29winter0Drought increasing demand, price for forage silage in High Plains of Texas
2021-01-26winter0Cattle receiving protein supplements, hay in Texas' Rolling Plains
2021-01-26winter0High quality of Texas spinach
2021-01-26winter0Winter wheat in poor condition in South Plains of Texas
2021-01-26winter0Winter wheat needed moisture in Texas Panhandle
2021-01-13winter0Concern over blowing soil in South Plains of Texas
2020-12-01winter0Dryland wheat suffering, very poor pasture in Texas Panhandle
2020-11-24fall0Supplemental feeding continuing in East Texas
2020-11-17fall0Supplemental feeding continued; low water tanks, lakes in Rolling Plains of Texas
2020-11-17fall0Forage crops stressed in Southeast Texas
2020-11-17fall0Increased supplemental feeding of livestock in South Texas
2020-11-10fall0Crop yields below average in Texas Panhandle
2020-11-03fall0Cattle receiving supplemental feeding, winter wheat barely emerging in South Plains of Texas
2020-11-03fall0Texas Panhandle cattle receiving supplemental feed
2020-10-25fall0Livestock receiving supplemental feed in drier parts of Rolling Plains in Texas
2020-10-25fall0Ponds, creeks going dry in Cherokee County, Texas
2020-10-25fall0Stock tank levels dropping in North Texas
2020-10-25fall0Burn ban in Walker County, Texas
2020-10-25fall0Stage 1 drought restrictions in San Marcos, Texas
2020-10-22fall0Ban on outdoor burning in Austin, Texas
2020-10-20fall0Small grain plantings slowing in Central Texas
2020-10-20fall0Limited fieldwork, supplemental feeding of livestock continued in Texas' Coastal Bend
2020-10-16fall0Stage 1 water restrictions for the Edwards Aquifer Authority in Texas
2020-10-14fall0Dry conditions delay winter wheat planting in Central Texas
2020-10-14fall0Wheat fields need rain before planting in Texas' Rolling Plains
2020-10-14fall0Supplemental feed for livestock in West Central Texas
2020-10-14fall0Supplemental feeding in Southwest Texas
2020-10-14fall0Supplemental feeding, high livestock sales in South Texas
2020-10-08fall0Stage II Alarm Drought in Texas' Edwards Aquifer Conservation District
2020-10-06fall0Texas' South Plains pastures in poor condition
2020-09-29fall0Less supplemental feeding occurring in parts of South Texas
2020-09-29fall0Drought affected Texas peanut yield
2020-09-22fall0Rain needed for planting winter wheat in South Plains of Texas
2020-09-09fall0Texas Panhandle growers awaiting moisture for fall planting
2020-09-01fall0Trees, crops stressed in Central Texas
2020-09-01fall0Rangeland, pasture conditions deteriorating in Texas' Coastal Bend
2020-09-01fall0Ponds low in East Texas
2020-08-25summer0Pastures drying out rapidly in Central Texas
2020-08-25summer0Pasture, crops deteriorating in North Texas
2020-08-18summer0Dryland pastures, meadows burned up in Central Texas
2020-08-11summer0Nonstop irrigation in Texas' South Plains
2020-08-11summer0Irrigation not meeting crop water demand in West Central Texas
2020-08-11summer0Livestock, wildlife receiving supplemental feed in Southwest Texas
2020-08-11summer0Some herd reductions in South Texas
2020-08-07summer0Elevated hay prices in Texas Panhandle
2020-08-04summer0Drought-stressed cotton in Central Texas
2020-07-28summer0Dryland cotton not growing in Texas Panhandle
2020-07-28summer0Some crops, pastures burning up in Central Texas
2020-07-28summer0Stock tanks, ponds still low despite rain from Hurricane Hanna in Texas' Coastal Bend
2020-07-28summer0Pasture, rangeland conditions very poor in Texas Panhandle
2020-07-28summer0Crops struggling in drier parts of North Texas
2020-07-28summer0Supplemental feeding increasing in dry parts of South Texas
2020-07-24summer0Emergency burn ban in Bastrop County, Texas
2020-07-22summer0Burn ban in Guadalupe County, Texas
2020-07-21summer0Grazing not sufficient for livestock in South Plains of Texas
2020-07-21summer0Rangelands, pastures deteriorating in West Central Texas
2020-07-21summer0Pastures starting to brown in Southeast Texas
2020-07-21summer0Cotton, pastures, rangelands stressed in South Texas
2020-07-16summer090-day burn ban for Bexar County, Texas
2020-07-16summer0Stage II water restrictions in La Vernia, Texas
2020-07-14summer0Cattle receiving supplemental feed in Texas' Rolling Plains
2020-07-14summer0Pastures, ranges deteriorating in Texas' Coastal Bend
2020-07-10summer090-day burn ban in Comal County, Texas
2020-07-09summer0Stage 1 pumping restrictions for Edwards Aquifer Authority around San Antonio, Texas
2020-07-09summer0Stage 1 water restrictions in New Braunfels, Texas
2020-07-07summer0Central Texas pastures manifesting signs of heat, drought stress
2020-07-07summer0Pastures, rangelands deteriorating in Southwest Texas
2020-07-07summer0Dryland fields in poor condition in South Plains of Texas
2020-07-03summer0Disaster declaration for El Paso County, Texas
2020-06-30summer0Older cows being culled in Sabine County, Texas
2020-06-23summer0Hay growth slowed in East Texas
2020-06-16summer0Crops, grasses struggling in Central Texas
2020-06-16summer0Crops being irrigated in South Plains of Texas
2020-06-16summer0North Texas pastures becoming dry
2020-06-16summer0Dryland plots did not emerge in Far West Texas
2020-06-16summer0West Central Texas cotton struggling
2020-06-16summer0Supplemental feed for livestock, wildlife in South Texas
2020-06-03summer0Corn yield potential remained low in Texas' Coastal Bend
2020-05-27spring0Pasture, rangelands need rain in Texas Panhandle
2020-05-27spring0Expectation of reduced row crop yields in South Texas
2020-05-26spring0Sale, use of fireworks banned in Howard County, Texas
2020-05-19spring0Forages limited in parts of Rolling Plains of Texas
2020-05-19spring0Irrigation before planting underway in parts of Texas' South Plains
2020-05-19spring0Texas Panhandle pastures, wheat need rain
2020-05-19spring0Crops deteriorating in Far West Texas
2020-05-13spring0Drought-stressed corn, sorghum in Central Texas
2020-05-13spring0Most crops drought-stressed in Texas' Coastal Bend
2020-05-13spring0Very dry pastures in Far West Texas
2020-03-31spring0Rice farmers flushing fields to germinate rice in Southeast Texas
2020-03-17spring0Supplemental feed continued for livestock, wildlife in Southwest Texas
2020-03-10spring0Forages limited in parts of Texas' Rolling Plains
2020-03-10spring0Livestock receiving supplemental in dry parts of Far West Texas
2020-03-03spring0Wheat in Texas Panhandle irrigated to provide grazing for cattle
2020-03-03spring0Supplemental feeding continued in West Central Texas
2020-02-25winter0Continued supplemental feeding in Texas' Coastal Bend
2020-02-25winter0Winter wheat being irrigated in Southwest Texas
2020-02-04winter0Wheat fields stressed in Far West Texas
2020-02-04winter0Wheat, pastures needed rain in West Central Texas
2020-01-28winter0Wheat stunted in Central Texas
2020-01-28winter0Livestock receiving supplemental feed in Texas' Coastal Bend
2020-01-28winter0Limited grazing, supplemental feeding in West Central Texas
2020-01-28winter0Livestock producers offering supplemental feed in South Texas
2020-01-18winter0Fears of water shortages growing in Texas' Rio Grande Valley
2020-01-11winter0Texas ranchers facing difficult feeding decisions
2019-12-11winter0Stock tanks low in Central Texas as producers culled cattle, hauled water
2019-12-11winter0Winter forages need rain, livestock water declining in Texas' Coastal Bend
2019-12-11winter0Dryland crops affected by very dry conditions in the South Plains of Texas
2019-12-11winter0Crop growth slowed, poor grazing in West Central Texas
2019-12-11winter0Crops, pasture need rain in South Texas
2019-12-10winter0Taylor County, Texas ban on fireworks for Christmas, New Year
2019-12-04winter0Insufficient moisture to initiate forage growth in Coastal Bend of Texas
2019-12-04winter0Winter cover crops not growing in East Texas
2019-12-04winter0Cotton yields low, rain needed before planting wheat in Far West Texas
2019-11-27fall0Stock tanks low in Central Texas
2019-11-27fall0Wheat emergence very poor in Far West Texas
2019-11-05fall0Pastures, stock tanks in Central Texas need rain
2019-11-05fall0Far West Texas growers need moisture to plant
2019-11-05fall0Herd culling continued in South Texas
2019-10-23fall0Livestock producers feeding hay in East Texas
2019-10-23fall0Pasture progress slowed in South Plains of Texas
2019-10-23fall0Pond levels low in North Texas
2019-10-23fall0Supplemental feeding continued, deep culling of herds in South Texas
2019-10-16fall0Wheat fields partially, completely replanted in North Texas
2019-10-08fall0Cattle receiving protein cubes in Texas' Rolling Plains
2019-10-08fall0North Texas cattle receiving hay, feed
2019-10-08fall0Supplemental feed a necessity in Far West Texas
2019-10-01fall0Producers still supplementing with hay, protein in Coastal Bend, Texas
2019-10-01fall0Dry conditions delay hay cutting, winter pasture planting in East Texas
2019-10-01fall0Livestock, wildlife being fed in Far West Texas
2019-10-01fall0Wheat, oat plantings delayed in South Texas
2019-09-24fall0Ground too hard to work, hay not growing in Central Texas
2019-09-17fall0Pastures, hay fields not growing in East Texas
2019-09-17fall0Cotton, soybeans stressed in North Texas
2019-09-17fall0Dry pastures in Far West Texas
2019-09-17fall0Burn bans, drying stock tanks in West Central Texas
2019-09-11fall0Cattle receiving supplemental feed in Texas' Rolling Plains
2019-09-11fall0North Texas pastures stressed, burn bans in effect
2019-09-11fall0Cotton wilting in Far West Texas
2019-09-11fall0Rain needed for field preparation in West Central Texas
2019-09-10fall0Cotton, pastures suffering in Central Texas
2019-09-04fall0Rangelands, pastures hurt by drought in Texas' Coastal Bend
2019-09-04fall0Hay production slowed in North Texas
2019-09-04fall0Dry pastures in Far West Texas
2019-09-04fall0Pastures browning in Southeast Texas
2019-09-04fall0Pastures in poor condition in South Texas, supplemental feeding underway
2019-08-30summer0Supplemental feed for Texas livestock in West, Central and South
2019-08-27summer0Central Texas pastures not rebounding
2019-08-27summer0Dry, hard rangeland and pastures in Far West Texas
2019-08-20summer0Burn bans in Henderson, Rusk counties in Texas
2019-08-20summer0Hay feeding increased in central Texas
2019-08-20summer0Soybean quality losses expected in Coastal Bend, Texas
2019-08-20summer0Declines in pastures, hay, vegetables in parts of East Texas
2019-08-20summer0Pastures becoming very short in South Plains, Texas
2019-08-19summer0Water shortage in Belton, Texas
2019-08-16summer090-day burn ban for unincorporated parts of Galveston County, Texas
2019-08-15summer0Texas counties with burn bans
2019-08-13summer0Burn ban in Brazos County, Texas and neighboring counties
2019-08-13summer0Pasture condition deteriorating in central Texas
2019-08-13summer0Hay making slowed in Texas' Rolling Plains
2019-08-13summer0Stocking rates being reduced in Coastal Bend, Texas
2019-08-13summer0Rangelands, pastures deteriorating in Southwest Texas
2019-08-13summer0Increased supplemental feeding, declining livestock body condition in South Texas
2019-08-12summer090-day burn ban in Wilson County, Texas
2019-08-09summer0Emergency burn ban in Parker County, Texas
2019-08-07summer0Burn bans in Kendall, Kerr and Blanco counties in Texas
2019-08-07summer090-day burn ban in Guadalupe County, Texas
2019-08-06summer0Pastures, hay fields deteriorating in Texas' Coastal Bend
2019-08-06summer0Rangelands, pastures deteriorating in West Central Texas
2019-08-06summer0Outdoor burning banned in unincorporated Travis County, Texas
2019-08-06summer0No outdoor burning in unincorporated Hays County, Texas
2019-08-06summer0Fire restriction in Williamson County, Texas
2019-08-05summer0Fire restrictions in unincorporated Victoria County, Texas
2019-07-31summer0Outdoor burning restrictions in Burnet, Llano counties in Texas
2019-07-30summer0Grass conditions declining in central Texas
2019-07-30summer0Rangelands, pastures stressed by drought in Texas' Rolling Plains
2019-07-30summer0Lack of rain hurting rangeland in Texas Panhandle
2019-07-30summer0Some livestock receiving supplemental feed in Far West Texas
2019-07-29summer0Fewer mosquitoes around Corpus Christi, Texas
2019-07-23summer0Burn ban in Tom Green County, Texas
2019-07-22summer0Fire restrictions in Castro County, Texas
2019-07-16summer0Corn hurt by lack of rain in Texas' Coastal Bend
2019-07-16summer0Pasture, rangelands deteriorating in South Texas
2019-06-11summer0Pastures, row crops affected by lack of rain in South Texas
2019-05-21spring0Lack of rain affected producers in Dimmit County, Texas
2019-04-23spring0Crops, pastures affected by heat, dryness in Zapata County, Texas
2019-04-02spring0Dry conditions constrained grass growth in Central Texas
2019-04-02spring0Dry conditions hampering wheat in Rolling Plains of Texas
2019-04-02spring0Texas' Coastal Bend cotton growers awaiting rain before planting
2019-04-02spring0Wheat stressed in Far West Texas
2019-04-02spring0Southwest Texas cotton farmers waiting for rain to plant
2019-04-02spring0South Texas pasture, rangeland needed rain
2019-03-12spring0Lack of rain affecting pastures, planting in Far West Texas
2019-03-06spring0Some winter wheat under irrigation in Texas Panhandle
2018-10-04fall0Corn yields low in Texas Panhandle
2018-10-01fall0Weedy pastures in parts of Texas
2018-09-25fall0Continued supplemental feeding in some East Texas counties
2018-09-18fall0Cotton a disaster in parts of Central Texas
2018-09-18fall0Some North Texas livestock producers still feeding hay
2018-09-18fall0Ongoing feeding of livestock, wildlife in Far West Texas
2018-09-17fall0Most of the cotton in the Texas Big Country died
2018-09-14fall0Drought increased abandonment of Texas cotton
2018-09-11fall0Ponds, creeks drying up in East Texas
2018-09-11fall0Hay in short supply in North Texas
2018-09-10fall0Fewer pumpkins grown in Texas Panhandle
2018-09-07fall0Drought stressed, killed trees in East Texas
2018-09-05fall0Pasture, rangeland very poor, some livestock sales occurring in East Texas
2018-09-05fall0More cattle sales in Southwest Texas
2018-09-05fall0Calves weaned, shipped early in South Texas
2018-09-02fall0Water curtailment to rice farmers along Lower Colorado River in Texas
2018-08-28summer0Rangeland, pasture conditions deteriorating; hay supplies short in Coastal Bend of Texas
2018-08-28summer0Drought diminishing quality, volume of summer forages in East Texas
2018-08-28summer0Dryland cotton failure in Far West Texas
2018-08-21summer0Native pecans dropping from hot, dry weather in Coastal Bend of Texas
2018-08-21summer0Surface water short in East Texas
2018-08-21summer0Stock tanks low, dry in West Central Texas
2018-08-21summer0Supplemental feeding, water hauling in South Texas
2018-08-16summer0No forage growth, cattle sales taking place in East Texas
2018-08-09summer0Caution about fire danger in East Texas
2018-08-07summer0East Texas pasture, rangeland conditions poor to very poor
2018-08-07summer0Cattle body conditions, pastures declining in Texas Panhandle
2018-08-07summer0Drought hurting farm, ranch operations in Far West Texas
2018-08-07summer0Pastures dry in Southeast Texas
2018-08-07summer0Supplemental feeding continued in South Texas
2018-08-01summer0More water main breaks in Friendswood, Texas
2018-07-31summer0Cotton nearly beyond saving, pasture very poor in Rolling Plains of Texas
2018-07-31summer0Crops stressed, yields down in Far West Texas
2018-07-31summer0Most cotton devastated by drought in West Central Texas
2018-07-31summer0Drought hurting pastures, livestock being sold in South Texas
2018-07-24summer0Burn ban in Brazos County, Texas
2018-07-24summer0Sorghum, haygrazer too dry to cut and bale in Rolling Plains of Texas
2018-07-24summer0Poor pasture, rangeland conditions in East Texas
2018-07-24summer0Water in short supply in Far West Texas
2018-07-24summer0Rangelands, pastures in Southwest Texas suffering in heat, drought
2018-07-24summer0Pasture, rangeland declining in South Texas
2018-07-20summer0Burn ban in Bastrop County, Texas
2018-07-17summer0Pasture, rangeland condition poor in East Texas
2018-07-17summer0Texas Panhandle crops needed rain
2018-07-17summer0Far West Texas pastures in very poor condition
2018-07-17summer0Drought-affected pastures, rangelands need moisture in Southwest Texas
2018-07-17summer0Some crop failures in parts of South Texas
2018-07-10summer0Few cotton acres survived in Far West Texas
2018-07-10summer0Little cotton emergence in West Central Texas
2018-07-10summer0Sorghum plowed under in parts of South Texas
2018-07-08summer0Texas beef producers ought to be prepared in case drought persists
2018-06-26summer0Pasture condition declining rapidly in Rolling Plains, Texas
2018-06-26summer0Hay production down in parts of East Texas
2018-06-26summer0Hay yields halved in North Texas
2018-06-26summer0Hay scarce in West Central Texas
2018-06-26summer0Forage, pasture, crop conditions steadily declining in Southwest Texas
2018-06-26summer0Stock tank water levels low, falling in dry parts of South Texas
2018-06-21summer0Water conservation urged in Brown County, Texas
2018-06-20summer0Dry pastures, decreased forages in Central Texas
2018-06-20summer0Cotton dying, hay yields poor in Rolling Plains of Texas
2018-06-20summer0Crops needed rain in Coastal Bend of Texas
2018-06-20summer0Crops hampered by lack of rain in East Texas
2018-06-20summer0North Texas hay harvest slowed by drought
2018-06-20summer0No dryland cotton emerged in Far West Texas
2018-06-20summer0All forage growth slowed in West Central Texas
2018-06-17summer0Fireworks restrictions in Bastrop County, Texas
2018-06-14summer0Corn, other row crops hurt by drought in Texas' Brazos Valley
2018-06-12summer0Grain sorghum growth stunted in Central Texas
2018-06-12summer0Some crops burned up in Texas' Coastal Bend
2018-06-12summer0Plant stress, decreased production in East Texas
2018-06-12summer0Below average wheat yields in West Central Texas
2018-06-12summer0Corn deteriorating in Southwest Texas
2018-06-07summer0Hay supply depleted, cattle sales occurring in Coastal Bend of Texas
2018-06-05summer0Restrictions on burning in unincorporated parts of Hays County, Texas
2018-06-05summer0Stock tanks low in Central Texas
2018-06-05summer0Dryland cotton planting delayed in Rolling Plains of Texas
2018-06-05summer0Cotton under irrigation in Texas' Coastal Bend
2018-06-05summer0Pastures not growing quickly in East Texas
2018-06-05summer0Irrigation, rain needed for crops to emerge in Far West Texas
2018-06-05summer0Pastures deteriorating in West Central Texas
2018-06-05summer0Dryland corn yields expected to be poor in Southeast Texas
2018-06-05summer0Drought hindering crop growth, development in Southwest Texas
2018-06-05summer0Pasture, rangeland, crops deteriorating in South Texas
2018-05-22spring0Water restrictions for San Antonio Water System in Texas
2018-05-22spring0Outdoor watering restricted in San Antonio, San Marcos, Texas
2018-05-22spring0Producers buying, feeding livestock hay in East Texas
2018-05-22spring0Stock tank levels falling in West Central Texas
2018-05-22spring0Rangelands, pastures deteriorating in Southwest Texas
2018-05-22spring0Cattle culling, sales in South Texas
2018-05-15spring0Livestock still being supplemented in Rolling Plains of Texas
2018-05-15spring0Stock tanks low in West Central Texas
2018-05-15spring0Crop stress mounting in Southeast Texas
2018-05-15spring0Supplemental feeding ongoing in South Texas
2018-05-08spring0Wheat fields not helped by rain in West Central Texas
2018-05-08spring0Water hauling, supplemental feeding in South Texas
2018-04-24spring0Difficulty tilling properly in Rolling Plains of Texas
2018-04-24spring0Pastures, forages deteriorating in Coastal Bend of Texas
2018-04-24spring0Sand storms in Far West Texas
2018-04-24spring0Wheat, oat fields growing little in West Central Texas
2018-04-24spring0Rangelands, pastures drying out, stressed in South Texas
2018-04-17spring0Supplemental feeding, water being hauled in South Texas
2018-04-13spring0State disaster declaration for numerous Texas counties
2018-04-10spring0Wheat being grazed out in Rolling Plains of Texas
2018-04-10spring0Prewatering underway in Far West Texas
2018-04-10spring0Supplemental feeding, monitoring of water supplies in Southwest Texas
2018-04-10spring0Water hauling, above normal cattle sales in South Texas
2018-03-27spring0Cotton planting slowed in Coastal Bend of Texas
2018-03-27spring0Pre-irrigation not enough for crops in Far West Texas
2018-03-27spring0Very low grain yields expected in West Central Texas
2018-03-27spring0Planting on hold in Southeast Texas
2018-03-20spring0Rolling Plains of Texas need more rain for crop planting
2018-03-20spring0Dry weather directing planting decisions in Far West Texas
2018-03-13spring0West Central Texas farmers waiting to plant crops
2018-03-13spring0Declines in pasture, rangeland conditions in parts of South Texas
2018-03-06spring0Wheat crop suffering in Texas' Rolling Plains
2018-03-06spring0Wheat pasture in Far West Texas mostly lost
2018-03-06spring0Crops, pastures still needing more rain in West Central Texas
2018-03-06spring0Spring green up slow to arrive in South Texas
2018-02-27winter0Dryland small grains in Central Texas in poor condition, dead
2018-02-27winter0Wheat, stock tanks in Texas' Rolling Plains need moisture
2018-02-27winter0Little green on the Far West Texas landscape
2018-01-31winter0Fire restrictions in east Texas
2017-12-07winter0Wheat, rangelands affected by dryness in Texas Panhandle
2017-11-14fall0Winter pastures not emerging, stressed in Texas' Coastal Bend
2017-11-14fall0North Texas crops needed rain
2017-11-14fall0Dryland wheat being irrigated in South Texas
2017-10-31fall0Winter pastures stressed in Texas' Coastal Bend
2017-10-31fall0North Texas pastures stressed, ponds shrinking
2017-10-31fall0West Central Texas counties reinstating burn bans
2017-10-26fall0Crop planting delayed in parts of Central Texas
2017-10-17fall0North Texas pastures stressed, ranchers feeding hay
2017-10-17fall0Drought conditions worsened in East Texas
2017-08-22summer0Yards dormant, hay grow slowed in Southeast Texas
2017-08-22summer0Livestock needing supplementing in Southwest Texas
2017-08-22summer090-day burn ban in Williamson County, Texas
2017-08-21summer0Burn ban extended in Bastrop County, Texas
2017-08-21summer0Voluntary water restrictions in Bastrop, Texas
2017-08-15summer0Burn ban reinstated in Travis County, Texas
2017-08-03summer0Outdoor burning prohibited in unincorporated parts of McLennan County, Texas
2017-07-30summer0Fire restriction in Coryell County, Texas
2017-07-06summer0Burn bans in and near Travis County, Texas
2017-06-14summer0Cotton yield down in Texas' Rio Grande Valley
2017-05-23spring0Drought stress seen in crops in Texas' Coastal Bend
2017-05-23spring0Pastures drying up in Far West Texas
2017-05-23spring0Stock ponds, soils drying out in West Central Texas
2017-05-23spring0Crops, pastures in need of rain in Southeast Texas
2017-05-23spring0Bermuda grass going dormant in Southwest Texas
2017-05-23spring0Rangeland, pastures brown in South Texas
2017-05-16spring0Crops suffering from lack of rain in central Texas
2017-05-16spring0Field crops, pastures stressed in Texas' Rolling Plains
2017-05-16spring0Crops starting to stress in Texas' Coastal Bend
2017-05-16spring0Pastures drying in Far West Texas
2017-05-16spring0Grass growth slowed in Southeast Texas
2017-05-16spring0Drought stress seen in South Texas grasses
2017-04-18spring0Some dryland wheat died in Texas Panhandle
2017-02-07winter0Winter pasture growing slowly in East Texas
2016-11-08fall0Conditions extremely dry in East Texas
2016-11-08fall0Lack of rain hurting forage growth, cattle body condition in North Texas
2016-11-08fall0Southeast Texas pastures, cool-season forages
2016-11-08fall0South Texas peanut farmers irrigated before harvest
2016-07-27summer0Some Central Texas crops stressed, burn bans common
2016-07-27summer0Wheat producers in the Rolling Plains of Texas worried about soil moisture
2016-07-27summer0Hot, dry weather impacting crops in Texas' Coastal Bend
2016-07-27summer0Pastures, crops in Texas Panhandle becoming drier
2016-07-27summer0Rangeland, pastures starting to brown in Far West Texas, many burn bans
2016-07-27summer0Burn bans, crop stress in West Central Texas
2016-07-27summer0Pastures hurt by lack of rain in Southwest Texas
2016-07-27summer0Hot, dry weather drying pasture, soil in South Texas
2016-07-20summer0More grass fires occurring in Hunt County, Texas
2016-05-22spring0Parts of Texas’ South Plains in need of rain for crops and planting
2016-04-05spring0Flower sales high in Wichita Falls, Texas
2016-03-02spring0Fredericksburg, Texas workshop prepared ranchers to make decisions during drought
2016-02-27winter0Project underway to document drought-related changes to West Central Texas lake ecosystems
2016-02-23winter0Winter forages, wheat showed signs of stress in Rolling Plains of Texas
2016-02-23winter0Fire danger rising, crops experiencing stress in South Texas
2016-02-23winter0Rain needed before some Southwest Texas farmers will plant
2016-02-23winter0Small grains, forages need rain in West Central Texas
2015-09-01fall0Rangeland and pastures in the Coastal Bend of Texas deteriorating
2015-09-01fall0Pastures, cotton fields in Texas' Rolling Plains show signs of drought stress
2015-09-01fall0Rangelands, pastures and brush in Southwest Texas stressed from the lack of rain
2015-08-25summer0Crops stressed in Glasscock County, Texas
2015-08-25summer0Deteriorating rangeland in the Rolling Plains of Texas
2015-08-25summer0Livestock receiving supplemental feed in parts of South Texas; rangeland, pastures deteriorating
2015-08-25summer0Forage, hay crops, irrigated cotton in West Central Texas stressed from heat and drought
2015-08-05summer0Water restrictions in New Braunfels, Texas
2015-08-01summer0Heat, drought of late summer halved cotton yields in Texas panhandle, West Texas
2015-07-28summer0Hot, dry weather limited soybean yield in Coastal Bend of Texas
2015-07-28summer0Grass regrowth poor in East Texas
2015-07-28summer0Southeast Texas fields too dry, hard for fieldwork
2015-07-28summer0Grass regrowth slow in Montgomery County, Texas
2015-07-28summer0Rangelands, pastures in West Central Texas manifesting signs of moisture stress
2015-03-08spring0Producers watering livestock in West Central Texas
2015-02-18winter0The Lower Colorado River Authority in Texas lowered its water supply projections by about 17 percent
2015-01-01winter0Wholesale water priced at drought rate for Lower Colorado River Authority in Texas
2014-11-19fall0The Lower Colorado River Authority seeking permission to cut irrigation water releases from Highland Lakes
2014-11-04fall0Most Bermuda grass fields in Central Texas continued to recover from drought
2014-11-04fall0Forage condition declined in Jim Wells County, Texas
2014-11-04fall0Most West Central Texas wheat growers waiting for rain before planting
2014-10-31fall0Drought may be responsible for reduction in rangia clam population in Galveston Bay in Texas
2014-10-28fall0Low stock tank levels were becoming a serious concern for some ranchers in West Central Texas
2014-09-30fall0South Texas ranchers thinking about selling cattle
2014-09-17fall0The Lower Colorado River Authority plans new reservoir in Wharton County, Texas
2014-09-09fall0Lack of rain limited grazing in parts of Texas' Coastal Bend
2014-09-09fall0East Texas trees stressed by drought
2014-09-03fall0Some cotton in West Central Texas showed signs of heat and drought stress; rangelands deteriorating
2014-08-26summer0Pastures in Central Texas manifested signs of moisture stress, dryland cotton a loss
2014-08-26summer0Lack of rain slowed pasture growth in North Texas
2014-08-26summer0Extreme heat and drought have hindered agriculture in South Texas
2014-08-26summer0Regrowth of hay in Southeast Texas was slow, due to the lack of moisture
2014-08-26summer0Hay cutting and baling was on hold in parts of West Central Texas that did not receive rain
2014-08-11summer0Stage 4 water restrictions for the Guadalupe-Blanco River Authority in Texas
2014-08-05summer0Oyster production was down along the Texas Gulf Coast, due to drought and other factors
2014-06-18summer0"Drought rate" for water customers in the Austin, Texas area
2014-06-10summer0Pastures hindered by drought in Far West Texas
2014-06-10summer0Heavy irrigation needed in parts of South Texas, soil moisture low
2014-06-10summer0Livestock in Southwest Texas still needed supplemental feeding
2014-06-05summer0All fireworks banned in El Paso County, Texas
2014-04-28spring0The shortage of hay in East Texas and persistent drought has kept hay prices steady
2014-03-26spring0Stock water tanks were low in South Texas as dry conditions persist, pastures deteriorating
2014-03-24spring0Planted crop acreage remained lower than usual in south Texas
2014-03-11spring0Dust storm rolled across West Texas
2014-01-26winter0Dry windy weather in much of Texas has stressed winter forages
2014-01-01winter0Farmers in the El Paso's Lower Valley in Texas received less than 40 percent of full allotments
2013-12-10winter0Hay supplies have been low in Texas after years of drought
2013-11-20fall0Matagorda Bay, Texas suffering from drought, lack of fresh water inflows
2013-11-19fall0The Lower Colorado River Authority board in central Texas approved an emergency plan allowing them to keep 1.1 million acre-feet of water in the Highland Lakes
2013-08-16summer0Harsh weather decreases cotton production in West Texas
2013-08-13summer0Dryland fields in Far West Texas were stressed from the lack of rain
2013-07-16summer0Pastures and hay meadows in East Texas were going dormant
2013-03-01spring0Texas rice farmers face second year without irrigation water
2013-02-12winter0Few fields being fertilized in the western part of the Coastal Bend of Texas
2013-01-08winter0The Lower Colorado River Authority board members voted to deny rice farmers irrigation water if the combined storage of Lakes Travis and Buchanan is less than 850,000 acre-feet on March 1, 2013
2012-11-20fall0Winter pastures in East Texas were slow to emerge and grow
2012-11-14fall0The Lower Colorado River Authority in Texas seeking emergency drought relief for second year
2012-11-14fall0Small grains in Central Texas were not growing well
2012-11-14fall0Low soil moisture in the Coastal Bend of Texas kept some farmers from fertilizing
2012-11-14fall0Parched pasture and rangeland grasses in Far West Texas were turning brown
2012-11-11fall0Political pressure pushing the Lower Colorado River Authority in Texas toward curtailing water supplies to rice growers again
2012-11-06fall0Pecan trees in central Texas still affected by drought
2012-10-31fall0Assistance for drought and wildfire damage in Texas
2012-10-30fall0Cattle producers in the Coastal Bend continued of Texas selling cattle
2012-10-30fall0Much of the dryland cotton in the Rolling Plains of Texas was a total loss
2012-10-30fall0Livestock producers in Southwest Texas continued to offer supplemental feeding to their livestock
2012-10-11fall0Livestock producers in Coastal Bend of Texas still giving supplemental feed
2012-10-11fall0Pregnancy rates on palpated cows in Far West Texas were lower than normal
2012-10-11fall0Dry land cotton growers in the Rolling Plains of Texas were getting in touch with their insurance agents
2012-09-16fall0Lumberjacks were cutting down salvageable dead and dying pine and hardwood trees in eastern Texas
2012-07-08summer0Absence of rice forced alternative practices in Fort Bend County, Texas
2012-06-19summer0Crops stressed in Texas' Coastal Bend, crops to be destroyed
2012-06-09summer0Rangeland, pasture deteriorating in South Texas
2012-06-07summer0Less acreage farmed in Liberty, Chambers counties in Texas
2012-06-06summer0Voluntary water conservation in Texas' Rio Grande Valley communities
2012-05-30spring0Crops planted recently in Central Texas manifested signs of drought stress
2012-05-30spring0Sorghum in the Coast Bend of Texas exhibited symptoms of drought stress
2012-05-30spring0Dry conditions in East Texas slowed grass growth
2012-05-30spring0Dry conditions led cotton growers in the Rolling Plains of Texas to hesitate about planting
2012-05-30spring0Weeds continued to pose a problem in some pastures in Southeast Texas
2012-05-30spring0The lack of rain slowing warm season grass growth in West Central Texas
2012-05-28spring0Rangeland and pastures in central Texas were not as productive as usual
2012-05-28spring0Cotton in parts of the Coastal Bend reached the cutout stage earlier than usual
2012-05-28spring0Permanent forage stands in parts of East Texas sustained damage from drought in 2011
2012-05-28spring0More trees died in North Texas after last year’s intense drought
2012-05-28spring0Dryland cotton farmers in the Rolling Plains of Texas started to plant
2012-05-28spring0Some cotton growers in west central Texas chose to dry plant their cotton
2012-05-22spring0Livestock producers on the Rolling Plains of Texas considering culling more cattle; cotton planting on hold
2012-05-20spring0Several lakes near Wichita Falls, Texas not stocked for years
2012-05-14spring0Storms in East Texas blew down trees killed by drought
2012-05-14spring0Reports of disease among drought-affected wheat in Texas Panhandle
2012-05-14spring0Wheat yields in the Rolling Plains of Texas hurt by drought
2012-05-01spring0Farmers in Central Texas replanted coastal and Bermuda grass
2012-05-01spring0Dry conditions in the Texas Panhandle affecting crops
2012-05-01spring0Recent hot, dry weather in the Rolling Plains of Texas made producers anxious
2012-05-01spring0Some crops in Southwest Texas manifested signs of drought stress
2012-04-18spring0The Lower Colorado River Authority lost $4.3 million in water sales
2012-04-10spring0Cattle in Coastal Bend of Texas suffering from bloat
2012-04-10spring0Livestock producers in Southeast Texas were able to cut down on supplemental feeding
2012-04-10spring0Wheat in West Central Texas deteriorated from inadequate rainfall
2012-04-09spring0Fishermen catching big fish at O.H. Ivie Reservoir in Texas
2012-03-27spring0Livestock producers in the Coastal Bend of Texas continued supplemental feeding as pastures recovered
2012-03-24spring0Some producers in the Rolling Plains of Texas were contemplating baling winter wheat
2012-03-06spring0Livestock receiving supplemental feed, suffering bloating from wheat in Rolling Plains of Texas
2012-02-07winter0Beef cattle producers in Central Texas continued to offer supplemental feed to the livestock
2012-02-07winter0Field preparation was on hold until rain falls in the Rolling Plains of Texas
2012-02-04winter0Dry conditions in Rolling Plains of Texas held farmers back in field preparation, supplemental feeding of livestock continued
2012-01-15winter0Goat farmer in Flower Mound, Texas drove 120 miles round trip for hay
2011-07-05summer0Drought emergency proclamation extended for Texas
2011-06-11summer0Drought, heat and winds slowed forage growth in North Texas
2011-06-04summer0Corn and milo manifested drought stress in parts of North Texas
2011-05-28spring0Much of the corn in North Texas was devastated by drought
2011-04-12spring0Body condition of cattle in South Texas deteriorating with reduction in forage availability
2011-04-05spring0Planting postponed in the Coastal Bend region of Texas
2011-04-05spring0South Texas ranchers sold calves as forage, water supplies were low
2011-03-22spring0Drought, winds inhibited grass growth in South Texas
2011-03-08spring0Insufficient moisture to grow non-irrigated oats or wheat in South Texas
2011-03-08spring0Poor grass growth in West Central Texas
2011-03-01spring0Dryland wheat damaged by drought in the South Plains
2011-03-01spring0West central Texas grains hurt by cold temperatures, drought
2011-02-16winter0The National Guard stepped up preparation for wildfires in western Texas
2011-02-07winter0Colorado River Municipal Water District asks its customers for 10 percent reduction in water use
2011-01-25winter0Drought delaying field work in the South Plains
2011-01-25winter0Wheat and oat growth in west central Texas stymied by drought
2011-01-15winter0Burn bans in Foard and Motley counties
2011-01-12winter0Drought makes Beeville rancher delay plans to rebuild herd
2011-01-01winter0Record high cotton abandonment on the High Plains of Texas
2011-01-01winter0Water use in 2011 rose in several Texas cities
2011-01-01winter0Drought cut sorghum production by 60 percent in the Texas Panhandle in 2011
2011-01-01winter0Drought limited pecan production in Cleburne, Texas
2011-01-01winter0Cotton production in West Texas has not rebounded to levels of production seen before the 2011 drought
2011-01-01winter0North Texas ranchers not ready to rebuild cattle herds
2011-01-01winter0Drought hampering landscape at Fort Worth Botanic Garden in Texas
2011-01-01winter0Cattle thefts continued in Texas
2010-12-22winter0Bans on outdoor burning in Denton, Johnson, Parker and Tarrant counties
2010-12-13winter0Burn ban in Ector County
2010-12-04winter0Little grazing on winter wheat for cattle in Mitchell County
2010-11-05fall0Winter wheat planting postponed in Wood County
2010-11-05fall0Drought caused postponement of winter wheat planting in Harrison County
2010-10-18fall0Fire restrictions in Chambers, Liberty and Waller counties
2010-10-14fall0Water no longer flowing into intake tower at Lake Meredith
2010-08-31summer0Fire restrictions in Henderson County
2010-08-31summer0Fire restrictions in Guadalupe County
2010-08-31summer0Fire restrictions in Walker County
2010-08-31summer0Ban on outdoor burning in unincorporated parts of Burnet County
2010-08-26summer0Burn ban in Comal County
2010-08-25summer0Burn bans in Ellis and Navarro counties
2010-08-24summer0Fire restrictions in Blanco, Williamson counties
2010-08-24summer0Burn ban for unincorporated portions of Travis County
2010-08-24summer0Fire restrictions for unincorporated parts of Bexar County
2010-08-23summer0Burn ban in Madison County
2010-08-17summer0Fire restrictions in Tarrant County
2010-08-09summer0Burning restrictions in Parker County
2010-06-30summer0Hay growth slow in Henderson County
2010-06-28summer0Burn bans in Winkler, Ward, Upton, and Midland counties
2010-06-15summer0Fireworks ban approved for Rusk County
2010-05-14spring0Improvement of drought-damaged pastures on agenda at agricultural meeting
2010-03-11spring0Fewer turkeys in Texas for spring hunt
2010-02-13winter0Quail hunting cancelled in parts of south Texas
2010-01-22winter0Meager food supplies for whooping cranes in Aransas National Wildlife Refuge threatens birds' survival
2009-12-31winter0New pumps and generators to draw water from the depths of Lake Meredith
2009-11-06fall0Drought reduced size of citrus in Rio Grande Valley
2009-11-01fall0Oyster harvest along Texas' Gulf Coast hampered by drought, other factors
2009-09-12fall0Hay growth slowed in Nacogdoches County
2009-09-08fall0Marijuana seedlings succumbed to drought
2009-08-20summer0West Texas counties eligible for emergency loans for drought losses
2009-08-19summer0Anthrax caused death of cow in Schleicher County
2009-08-08summer0Class on drought-resistant gardens at Fort Worth Botanic Garden
2009-07-22summer0Six thousand acres of cotton lost to drought in Mitchell County
2009-07-22summer0Water users in Lower Colorado River Authority area asked to conserve water
2009-07-16summer0Disaster declaration for high fire danger in 167 Texas counties
2009-07-15summer0Drought benefits crops in Royse City
2009-06-29summer0Burn ban and disaster declaration issued for Jasper County
2009-06-23summer0High hay prices causing many ranchers to sell in Waco area
2009-06-22summer0Fireworks vendors in Harris County concerned about possibility of restrictions
2009-06-18summer0Fire restrictions in Chambers and Liberty counties
2009-06-08summer0Wild animals thought to be taking Southlake pets during drought
2009-02-02winter0Voluntary water conservation for the Lower Neches Valley Authority customers
2009-01-31winter0Four county wildfire scorched 6,400 acres
2009-01-29winter0Supplemental feeding of livestock in Rusk County
2009-01-21winter0Burn ban in Brazoria County
2009-01-01winter0Lower Rio Grande Valley has agriculture loss of $19.13 million from drought
2009-01-01winter0Rio Grande Valley declared to be natural disaster areas
2009-01-01winter0Fewer beach closings and advisories in Texas in 2008
2008-12-31winter0Burn ban in Wise County
2008-12-23winter0Drought-induced soil movement causes water leak
2008-12-08winter0Burn ban in Young County
2008-11-25fall0Burn ban in Taylor County
2008-11-24fall0Burn ban in Navarro County
2008-09-30fall0Sesame cultivation in Live Oak County
2008-09-13fall0Drought delays hurricane recovery on Texas Gulf Coast
2008-01-01winter0Tom Green County declared to be disaster area
2008-01-01winter0Agricultural sector in Williamson County lost $51 million to drought in 2008
2008-01-01winter0Frustration with the Lower Colorado River Authority's management of water during dry years in central Texas
2007-12-31winter0New Year's celebrations led to rash of fires
2007-12-31winter0Rash of fires due to fireworks in Guadalupe County
2006-03-05spring0Two fishing tournaments were moved from Toledo Bend Reservoir to Sam Rayburn Reservoir due to safety concerns