Eligible livestock producers who are also producers of grazed forage crop acreage must provide a completed application for payment and required supporting documentation to their FSA office within 30 calendar days after the end of the calendar year in which the grazing loss occurred.

Contract growers must include a copy of the grower contract and any other supporting documents required for determining contract grower eligibility.

Supporting documents must show evidence of loss and that grazing land or pastureland is owned or leased. If a loss of grazing was due to a fire that the eligible livestock producer was prohibited by the federal agency from having livestock graze the normal permitted livestock on the managed rangeland due to a fire.

The information in this section has been taken from the Disaster Assistance LFP - Livestock Disaster Program fact sheet (April 2022) and is for information purposes only; other eligibility requirements or restrictions may apply. Please contact your local FSA agent for more information.