The website has two functions:

  1. to provide ranchers/farmers with a means of determining their eligibility for the Livestock Forage Disaster Program (LFDP) based on the Drought Monitor triggers
  2. to provide the FSA with a means of determining which counties in the country meet the LFDP triggers

The site does not provide any details about grazing periods or forage types. The grazing period varies by location and forage type, so be sure to use the grazing period dates that apply in your area. Contact your local FSA agent if you are unsure of the appropriate date range.

The FSA Eligibility Tool does not guarantee any financial aid. It simply estimates which U.S. counties meet the criteria, based on the U.S. Drought Monitor. Eligibility will be confirmed by the FSA once the signup period has begun. Please contact your local FSA agent for more details and to verify eligbility after the start of the signup period.

Single County Eligibility

Learn how to check the eligibility of a single county for a selected grazing period.

National or State Eligibility

Learn how to determine which counties in one state or the U.S. are eligible for aid based on a selected grazing period.

Data Exports

A listing of the datasets that can be exported from each of eligibility tools.


Answers to common issues that might arise when using the tools.