Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Weekly Narratives Service

Welcome to the weekly narrative service page. This tool will provide you with the code needed to obtain a weekly U.S. Drought Monitor narrative. Once all of the options have been chosen, click Submit to get your narrative information.

Narrative Format

Select the format of the narrative.

Narrative Date

Choose the current map, or pick a date for a historical map.

If you would like to obtain the current U.S. Drought Monitor narrative select the "Current" option from the drop down list. This narrative will be updated weekly when the new U.S. Drought Monitor is released. If you would like to obtain a narrative from a specific date, select the desired date from the drop down list.

The weekly U.S. Drought Monitor narrative is available in both XML and HTML formats.

The XML format has the following structure:

   <forecast><p>For the week of...</p></forecast>
   <disclaimer>The discussion in the ...</disclaimer>
   <intro><p>Drought conditions...</p></intro>
   <region name="The West"><p>The region remained in...</p></region>
    <name>Mark Svoboda</name>
    <affiliation>National Drought Mitigation Center</affiliation>

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