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Map released: Thurs. May 19, 2022
Data valid: May 17, 2022 at 8 a.m. EDT


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The Drought Monitor focuses on broad-scale conditions. Local conditions may vary. See accompanying text summary for forecast statements.

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Pacific Drought Summary

Abnormal dryness continued in southwest Alaska. The last 1 to 2 months have been drier than normal across the southern Alaska coast, but snowpack was mostly near to above normal, so no change was made to the USDM status in Alaska.

Trade wind conditions and stable conditions aloft were responsible for the dry week in Hawaii. The dry week gave residents on the windward side of the islands a reprieve from recent wet weather. Abnormal dryness was expanded eastward to cover the southeast quadrant of Kauai as far as Lihue. On the windward side of the Big Island, moderate drought was pulled back a bit to reflect improving pasture conditions.

American Samoa was on the wet side compared to last week and remained free of dryness, leaving the islands in good standing. Pago Pago received 6.27 inches, Siufaga Ridge reported 7.98 inches, and Toa Ridge received 5.41 inches.

Rainfall for the Republic of Palau was normal, with Palau IAP receiving 3.26 inches and Koror COOP reporting 4.93 inches for the week. The area remained free of dryness.

The Mariana Islands were on the dry side for the past three weeks. Decent rains have been confined to a small part of western Guam due to gentler trades triggering some island-effect showers. Grasses are drying up again but no impacts have been reported. Despite the March and April wet conditions, drier conditions prevailed at Saipan in the past three weeks, with precipitation ranging from 0.14 to 0.4 inches. This week, Saipan received 0.26 inches of rain (with 1 day missing), while the ASOS and NPS reported only 0.31 and 0.26 inches, respectively. Dry conditions for the last few weeks have continued on Guam, where only 0.19 inches of rain was reported (with two days missing). This deterioration resulted an abnormally dry condition on Guam and Saipan. Drier conditions also occurred on Rota this week, with 0.47 inches of rain being reported (with two days missing). However, abnormally conditions have not yet developed on Rota.

The Federated States of Micronesia remained free of drought and abnormal dryness this week at most locations for which depictions were made. However, drier conditions (less than 2 inches) were observed on Kapingamarangi in the past 5 out of 6 weeks, with no rainfall reported last week and this week (with 2 days missing). Thus, abnormal dryness has developed on Kapingamarangi. On Pingelap, less than 2 inches of rain was reported in the past two weeks (only 0.88” rain was observed last week with no missing days and 1.7 inches this week with 2 days missing. However, abnormal dryness has not yet developed on Pingelap. On Yap, wet recent weather continued as 3.3 inches of rain fell this week (with 3 days missing). In Ulithi, despite the drier conditions observed in the past two weeks, 2.48” of rain was reported this week (with 3 days msg). About 4.42 inches of rain was reported on Woleai this week (with 3 days missing). No depiction was made for Fananu, as data from there are missing. At Chuuk, 0.98 inches of rain was reported this week (with 3 days missing). However, with wet conditions in the past 3 weeks, Chuuk remained free of dryness. Lukunor, despite 0.34 inches of rain reported (with 3 days missing) this week, remains drought free following very wet 4 weeks. On Nukuoro, conditions remained wet this week, with 4.43 inches of rain. Pohnpei received 2.35 inches of rain this week, continuing wet recent weather. Despite 0.59 inches of rain reported (with 4 days missing), Kosrae remained wet following the very wet March, April, and early May.

The Marshall Islands were mostly wet for the week, apart from Wotje, which received 0.95 inches of rain this week (with 2 days missing). Less than 2” of rain was also observed at Wotje in the past two weeks, and severe short- and long-term drought continued this week. On Ailinglapalap, 0.48 inches of rain was reported this week (with 2 days missing), following 2.98 inches last week, so drought-free conditions continued. Kwajalein reported 0.48 inches of rain this week (with 2 days yet to be accounted for), following very wet conditions (3.56 inches of rain) last week, and remained drought-free. Jaluit observed 1.09 inches of rain this week, with 3 days missing. However, because Jaluit had a very wet couple of months (i.e., March and April had 23.6 and 11.87 inches of rain, respectively), it remained free of dry conditions. Majuro reported 1.07 inches of rain this week (with 2 days missing). Despite Majuro having two consecutive dry weeks in May, it received more than 24 inches in April, so it remained free of dryness. Mili received 5.33 inches this week and remained in wet conditions.

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