U.S. Drought Monitor
Map released: Thurs. September 16, 2021
Data valid: September 14, 2021 at 8 a.m. EDT


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  • D0 (Abnormally Dry)
  • D1 (Moderate Drought)
  • D2 (Severe Drought)
  • D3 (Extreme Drought)
  • D4 (Exceptional Drought)
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The Drought Monitor focuses on broad-scale conditions. Local conditions may vary. See accompanying text summary for forecast statements.

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Caribbean Drought Summary

In Puerto Rico, there was no change in the depiction, which includes widespread abnormal dryness (D0) and moderate drought (D1) across southern sections and a patch of D0 and D1 along the northwest coast.

The Virgin Islands saw an increase in rainfall last week as mid-September approached, putting the brakes on what had been rapidly-increasing deficits. Some locations benefitted more than others; Windswept Beach, Rohlsen Airport, and King Airport each received 0.5 to 1.5 inches or fain during the last 4 weeks, with September totals only 10 to 25 percent of normal Rohlsen Airport and Windswept Beach. Other locations, however, other spots recorded 1 to 3 inches of rain just last week as a tropical wave moved through, abetting significantly more relief. But despite the increased rainfall, long-term deficits remain entrenched, and even short-term totals are near to below normal where rainfall was more generous. As a result, no changes were made, and D1 was kept intact on St. Croix and St. John. Relief may be indicated soon, however, if the trend of increasing rainfall continues.

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