Map released: Thurs. May 25, 2023
Data valid: May 23, 2023 at 8 a.m. EDT


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Pacific Drought Summary

Neither dryness nor drought was observed in Alaska, despite a recent warming trend. Fairbanks topped 60°F for the first time this year on May 10, followed by highs of 70°F on May 16 and 80°F, a record for the date, on May 19. In southeastern Alaska, Sitka achieved a daily-record high of 82°F on May 18. Juneau collected consecutive daily-record highs (73 and 76°F, respectively) on May 17-18.

On the Big Island of Hawaii, there were slight changes in the depiction, with moderate drought (D1) being removed along the north shore due to improved rainfall and increased streamflow. However, abnormal dryness (D0) was slightly expanded near the northern tip of the Big Island. The other Hawaiian Islands remain free of dryness and drought.

American Samoa remained free of drought this week. Weekly rainfall amounts of 3.12 inches at Siufaga Ridge, 1.97 inches at Toa Ridge and 5.7 inches at Pago Pago.

Drought is not currently a concern in Palau, as rainfall totaled 3.76 inches at Koror COOP and 5.31 inches at Palau IAP (Airai).

Conditions have been dry for much of the week but recent storms brought heavy precipitation to parts of the Marianas. Guam reported 2.57 inches this week, with 2.52 inches falling on May 23 setting a new daily record, while Rota reported a total of 1.14 inches of rain for the week. while the Saipan locations received less than an inch of rainfall. On Saipan, rainfall amounts observed at Saipan (IAP, manual gauge), Saipan (ASOS) and Saipan (NPS) were 0.16, 0.81 and 0.00 inches, respectively. Guam and Saipan remained in abnormal dryness (D0-S) while Rota remained drought free this week.

Wet weather continued at Kapingamarangi, Kosrae, Chuuk, Fananu, Nukuoro, Lukunoch and Pohnpei this week, where rain totaled 6.92, 5.87, 4.46, 3.51, 2.90, 2.83 and 2.62 inches, respectively. Pingelap reported below-normal rainfall of 0.48 inch of rain this week but remained free of abnormal dryness due to wetter preceding conditions. Wet conditions returned to Ulithi receiving 3.11 inches of precipitation this week but the island remains in short-term abnormally dry conditions due to previous dry weeks. On Yap, conditions continued to deteriorate this week resulting in six consecutive weeks of below normal precipitation (i.e. 0.75”, 0.31”, 1.49”, 1.19”, 1.28” and 1.73”). Yap was moved to abnormally dry conditions this week. No depiction was made for Woleai due to missing data this week.

Dry conditions were observed across much of the Marshall Islands this week. Mili, Wotje and Jaluit received the most rainfall with 3.34 inches, 0.78 inch and 0.77 inch this week, respectively. Ailinglaplap and Kwajalein received little no precipitation this week but remained drought free due to above-normal precipitation from previous weeks. No depiction was made for Utirik due to missing data.

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