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The Drought Monitor focuses on broad-scale conditions. Local conditions may vary. See accompanying text summary for forecast statements.

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USVI Drought Summary

The Cyril E. King Airport on St. Thomas reported only a trace of rain so far this month. Since June 1st, 6.26 inches of rain has fallen, which is 0.47-inch above average for the period. Year-To-Date (YTD) precipitation is 14.73 inches, which is 2.09 inches below average. At Anna's Retreat (CoCoRaHS VI-ST-1), 0.31-inch of rain fell during this drought week (July 29-August 4). The well water level at the Grade School 3 well in Charlotte Amalie is about 11 feet below the land surface. Since May 1, 2020, provisional data shows the well water level has ranged between approximately 9.5-13 feet below the surface. SPI values at 1,3,6,9, and 12 months for Charlotte Amalie are (respectively): +0.66, -0.38, -0.53, -0.62, and -0.69. Accordingly, the drought designation for St. Thomas remains unchanged at D0(S).

An observer for Windswept Beach (CoCoRaHS VI-SJ-3) on the island of St. John reported 0.74-inch of rain fell during the drought week. The observer writes the following: "Very disappointing rain from Isaias... and the wave behind it stopped when it got here and veered north, giving us [no rain]! But, these little rains have enticed the vegetation to leaf out so things look greener..." Isaias was a tropical cyclone that brought tropical storm force winds to the USVI early in the drought week. July 2020 rainfall for Windswept Beach was effectively near normal at 3.72 inches (compared to the 1984-2020 mean value of 3.42 inches). The preceding 3 months were very dry, with just 4.05 inches of rain (40 percent of the April-June mean). The USGS Susannaberg DPW 3 well did not report this week due to equipment problems. SPI values at 1,3,6,9, and 12 months for Windswept Beach are (respectively): +0.19, -0.61, -1.03, -0.11, and -0.99 . The drought category at St. John remains unchanged at D1(S).

On St. Croix, the Henry E. Rohlsen Airport measured only 0.05-inch of rain so far in August. Since June 1st, 4.86 inches of rain fell, which is 0.87-inch below average for the period. YTD precipitation currently stands at 13.54 inches, which is 3.82 inches below average for that period. CoCoRaHS station VI-SC-8 (Christiansted 1.8 ESE) and VI-SC-9 (Christiansted 4.1 ESE) reported 0.59-inch and 0.79-inch of rain, respectively, during the drought week. The Adventure 28 well on St. Croix did not report this week due to equipment problems. SPI values at 1,3,6,9, and 12 months for Christiansted are (respectively): +0.06, -0.59, -0.47, -1.24, and -1.67 . The drought designation at St. Croix remains unchanged at D1(SL).

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